Why virtual communication and social networks should not replace real sex?

How do you feel about chat rooms, video dating services and forums? Is it convenient for you to get acquainted with social networks for something more than just discussing political and public news? Did you start to use social networks and websites with one simple and unambiguous goal – for sex? The topic is ticklish, but we should strive to understand how the screens of mobile phones and computers and all these realities of the digital world influence our relations. Have we forgotten how to do something besides social networking?

Sex is essentially a process that requires the physical presence of a partner. But with the advent of high-speed Internet, web cameras, microphones and high-quality picture, the line between physical presence and stimulation of fantasy began to be quickly erased. If a video chat or conference call is suitable for discussing business issues and conducting webinars and presentations, why is it not suitable for building communication in other less formal issues?

Screen as an addition to sex

Technology has led to the fact that sex today is seen not just as a human need, but also as the engine of Internet technologies. An indisputable fact: the porn industry has become an incentivevirtual communication and social networks for new advertising formats, new ways of processing and transferring graphic and video content, and has even influenced the mechanisms of content protection and compliance/copyright infringement – not mentioning torrents and ways to protect data transmission channels. We will add to the list mechanisms of work with virtual and real money and instant payments (which definitely began to grow with the development of the virtual market of “relations for an hour”).

Sexologists and psychologists agree that virtual sex can be used as an instrument of psycho emotional detente and sublimation of fears and inclinations, which without “a million screens” would lead people to commit at times more crimes and delinquencies.

The thesis is controversial and will find both many opponents and supporters. But the availability of sexual relations and contacts with acquaintances and strangers thanks to the screens of various devices has become not only a common evil, but also a way to reduce the social and emotional sexual tension in society.

Screen as a barrier to full relations

The screen of a mobile or computer creates the illusion of intimacy with someone who is thousands of kilometers away from you. Imagination can complement the picture, but full-fledged relationships (even purely carnal, not even stressing relationships that usually end with the birth of children and creation of family) – you will not get.

Yes, it is possible that tomorrow scientists may show us some super-helmet or glasses that will stimulate brain areas and skin receptors, and as a result,virtual communication and social networks experience from virtual touches and kisses that will be identical to the usual ones, and orgasm will be achieved more technologically and efficiently. But would this cybersex will be a full-fledged substitute for relationships (either long-term or one night)? Replacing your “other half” or sexual partner with a machine and a set of programs – is this ethical and does it fit into the concept of “normality”?

What to choose: virtual or real relationships?

Here more rhetorical and unanswered questions are obtained instead of answers. We really do not know what our future will be in the situation when Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts and a whole pack of video hosting with content “18+” all provide us with visual experience and subjective experiences.

Does this mean that the reproductive and hedonic component of sex is under threat in our digital world? They say that this is only the beginning: what about applications for couples, in which to “touch” your partner, you need to touch the screen? And then the dolls from the sex shop will be replaced by robots made of silicone with a built-in set of emotions. Although we sincerely hope that it will not come to this.

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