Why do you need to make love, even when you are not in the mood!

Many of those who have been in a long relationship devote just a little time to sex. Children and stress do not leave extra power. However, physical intimacy will only help ease these daily worries and improve health. Read about five special abilities of sex.

Sex strengthens your immune system

Microbiologist and writer William Kolbe believes that this is due to the impact of sex on the pituitary gland.

During sexual activity, signals enter the pituitary glandWhy do you need to make love to stimulate the endocrine axis, including the thymus gland, which plays a huge role in the functioning of our immune system.

As for a study published in 2009, for those who have the intimate act once or twice a week, the content of immunoglobulin in saliva is 30% higher than those who refrain from physical sexual intimacy. Immunoglobulins are antibodies that help us fight infections, including colds. The highest content of these antibodies was found in couples who make love several times a week.

Sex lowers your pressure

In 2000, scientists learned from 51 participants (men and women) aged from 20 to 47 years about how often they had intimate acts, and then measured their pressure. It turned out that a higher frequency of sexual activity is associated with lower blood pressure.

Sex is excellent exercise for theWhy do you need to make love heart and blood vessels, and this has a positive effect on your pressure. In addition, the active development of sex hormones, like estrogen, is very useful for your heart.

Sex promotes your heart health

In a study conducted by scientists from the University of Bristol, it was identified that regular intimate act reduces the risk of stroke and coronary insufficiency in men.

Similar results were also obtained by American researchers. According to their data, men who have sexual activity just once a month or less often have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases compared to those who have it twice a week or more often. The researchers suggested that those who regularly have sex have closer trust in their partner. And this has a beneficial effect on health, including the level of stress.

Sex reduces your level of stress

Relaxation and a complacent mood after sex is common. As a study published in 2002 demonstrated, sperm has the properties of an antidepressant. Contact with sperm during sex increases the feeling of happiness in ladies, that is, reduces the level of stress.

Keri Simon, a clinical social worker from St. Louis, also believes that close trust relationships reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol.

With the help of touches and intimate gestures, we give a signal that we can be trusted by calming the natural reaction of the body towards “fight or flight”. Communication through touch is very important. Thanks to a simple shake of the hand, patting on the back or hugging, we feel a connection with another person.

Sex improves sleep

Many often fall asleep right after sex. This is because during lovemaking and during orgasm, endorphins and hormone oxytocin are secreted, which stimulate sleep. Endorphins are produced in the pituitary gland during intense physical exertion, stress and orgasm. And oxytocin is also called as the hormone of love, because it usually stands out when two people come into physical contact.

Curiously, during a study in 2014, it was found that ladies who were romantically involved and slept for an hour longer had increased levels of sexual desire. They also had a 14% increase in the likelihood of having sex the next day. So the connection between sex and falling asleep seems to work in both directions.

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