Slow sex: main characteristics, advantages and execution instruction.

Sexologists agree that slow sex reveals new facets of sensuality and helps partners to achieve a really higher level of pleasure.

Slow sex

Fast sex is often associated with violent passion, but in fact, it often turns out to be only a way to get an orgasm as soon as possible. Slow sexual intercourse pursues after completely different goals, which have more and more supporters today.

What is slow sex?

There are three main characteristics of slow sex:

Focus on the process. That is attention at every stage of intimacy, and not just on the desire to reach the finish.

Orientation to pleasure. That is the concentration on the sensory perception of any touch, and not just on the desire to get rid of tension.

Playfulness. That is free and unhurried adherence to each call of the body, and not the transformation of sex into a clearly structured process, performed for a certain interval of time.

A similar conception of intimacy exists in tantra, a spiritual practice that uses the body as an instrument of cognition. Tantric sex implies a slow, gradual coming into contact with yourself and a partner, awareness of yourself during this contact and release of a powerful stream of sexual energy that may affect other areas of life.

In the conditions of an accelerating world, we need to have time to get our own number of orgasms – there is simply no time for unhurried sex.

Advantages of slow sex

Slow sex greatly increases sensitivity and enhances the proximity between partners. Many sexologists agree with this. The fact is that opening for emotions during sexual intercourse, partners get rid of the need to “work for the result” (this is especially important for men).

Slow sex can be a way of self-development. Concentrating on own feelings, a person trains awareness begins to better understand himself and live more sated.

Slow sex brings much more pleasure. Practitioners of this kind of intimacy can master the technique of controlling orgasm. It consists in the long maintenance of a highly excited state, which ultimately ends with an orgasm of the whole body and almost euphoria.

How to engage in slow sex

  • Prepare the area

To reveal the sensuality of important environment: smells, colors, textures. At your disposal is a bath, essential oils, scented candles, silk – in general everything that may enhance sensations. And, of course, be sure you have plenty of time. Slow sex needs a lot of time.Slow sex

  • Start with visual contact

The look can be no less exciting caress than a touch. Carefully examine the partner’s body, as if you touch him with your eyes.

Many women have complexes about their bodies. To overcome them, imagine that with each removed piece of clothing you are cleaning off a complex. Thus, by exposing the body, you will get rid of fears.

  • Watch your breathing

Slow sexYou need to watch your breathing and breathing of your partner. So you will feel the energy that unites all parts of your body and connects you with the partner.

With the help of breathing exercises, you may significantly stretch the duration of male orgasm. For this, while in the this state, a man should calmly, breathe deeply and try to relax muscles as much as possible. Then, instead of the usual 7-10 seconds, pleasure can last as much as 30.

  • Examine all parts of the body

Slow sex is an opportunity to spend time in those zones that are usually ignored during sexual intercourse. Now you have a chance to learn something new about your elbows, palms and ankles. Try a long erotic massage or long caresses of some particular part of the body.

  • Practice a long coitus

This advice is more relevant to an active partner. He should penetrate into a lady very slowly and slowly go out. Try to stay inside, feel the connection with the partner. To arrange a long sex, order Viagra samples free by mail. Viagra price is quite available to try slow sex and constantly practice it. Or just apply any other alternative to Viagra, which you prefer more.