Sexual fitness: how to maintain health of your aged reproductive system!

Do you dream of becoming a sexual long-liver? Then it is time to think about your general health: after all, any malfunctions in the functioning of your organs in one way or another affect the condition of your genitals. Being terribly concerned about his own health, a 50-year-old man is guaranteed to demonstrate power in bed better than a 30-year-old who buzzes through life smoking like a steam locomotive and being tight friends with a full glass. Even without the help of the miraculous free Viagra coupon. The desire to be in the status of an enviable lover as long as possible is entirely feasible. Everything required from you is the fulfillment of several conditions. But the implementation is rigorous.

Lose weight

Sexual fitnessIf you want to be competitive in bed even at old age, the proper diet is just for you. The fact is that abdominal fat blocks free testosterone. Thus, the more fat you have, the lower your sexual performance is. The penis, among other things, is an indicator of the state of your cardiovascular system. The fact is that the deep artery of the penis has several coronary arteries already, and when atherosclerotic plaques begin to gradually clog the blood vessels due to the inordinate consumption of fatty foods, this, first of all, affects the quality of your erection. Therefore, know that a sluggish erection is a sign of impending heart failure.

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol

  • Smoking causes narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels and reduces their reactivity. So think: nicotine not only kills the horse, but also prevents the flow of blood to your penis, making the erection sluggish and fleeting. And add this to that: smoking doubles the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. In this case, you can take Sildenafil over the counter. You may always apply free Viagra samples to make a right choice.
  • A glass of red wine has been known since time immemorial as a stimulant of libido. But, transformed into a bottle, it can break the connection between the brain and your reproductive system and deprive you of the slightest chance to achieve an erection. In short, the higher the alcohol content is, the stronger the forces of gravity will act on your penis. If we talk about chronic alcohol abuse, it leads to irreversible hormonal and neurochemical changes, completely destroying the remnants of libido. In addition, alcoholism is associated with gynecomastia and atrophy of the penis and testicles.

Do not neglect motor activity

Sports activities stimulate blood circulation, as a result of which endothelial cells lining the blood vessels from the inside release more nitrogen oxide. This vaso-relaxing factor is the basis of steel erection and it is on its accumulation that the action of PDE inhibitors is based.

Carry out a separate testicular examination

In recent years, the incidence of testicular cancer has increased by 30%. Men at the age of 15 to 40 are at risk. With timely detection, this oncology is curable in 95% of cases. If we let it take root in the body and explode with prominence metastases across the body, then a lethal outcome is inevitable. Do you want to live? Perform a monthly examination of your testicles.

Sexual fitness

The suggestion is this: take a warm bath (this will relax the scrotum), stand in front of the mirror and alternately probe each testicle, rolling it between the index and middle fingers. Most often malignant neoplasms are located on the lateral or anterior side of the testicle, and a small seal on the posterior side of it is not a cause for concern: there is a seed cord.

Go to bed early

In the male body, testosterone “peaks” are in the morning, so sleep problems (and less than 7 hours of healthy sleep is already a problem) directly affect your sexual health. With the poor quality of sleep, other pathological conditions known for their influence on the intimate side of life can also be associated: high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, and nocturnal sleep apnea.