Sex toys: why do you need them and how to make the right choice!

You may stock up with coupons for Viagra, read about all Viagra’s side effects or find out what is herbal Viagra, but if you need not only improve your male power, but to diversify your sex life, also read about toys for adults.

Why should you try sex toys?

“Everything should be natural”, some will say. “But what’s the point in naturalness without orgasm”, others will object.

So the first reason is banal: pleasure. This is especially true of women who find it difficult to achieve orgasm without strong clitoral stimulation, and men who are inclined to come to the finish line too quickly.

The second reason is also not very original. Sex toys make a difference in lives of people. Of course, they will not be able to completely replace alive person (although sex-robot manufacturers work in this direction), but will definitely brighten up the daily routine. The same goes for people who have been in a relationship for a long time. A little variety in sex will only refresh the union.

In the end, even the purchase of sex toys itself can turn into a small adventure. You may go together not to specialized web sites, but to the store for adults. Well, if it has not become a routine for you as a couple.

How to choose sex toys?

The newcomer can get confused in the world of sex toys. Therefore, the optimal solution for starting is to determine which zone and what type of stimulation you are most interested in, and choose the most simple model. Hurrying with the purchase of a multifunctional and expensive device, you run the risk of wasting money. Start with the basics. After this, it becomes clear where to move on and whether you need it at all.

Sex toys

A good tip will also be user feedback. They will help you to get a better idea of ​​the future purchase.

For those who want to test as many devices as possible – advice: start with some cheap products. They may not last a long time, but they clearly demonstrate what’s what. Then you may easily choose a better model.

How to add toys to the sexual life of a couple?

For sex toys, there are a few more rules.

Discuss with the partner the possibility of using such devices. Be tactful, so he does not have suspicions that you are monstrously dissatisfied with your sex life.

Before you enter the device into a your life as a couple, test it yourself. Unsuccessful first impressions can for a long time discourage the desire to try it.

If you have been a fan of toys for a long time and prefer to introduce them to a new partner, choose the right moment for this meeting. At the first sexual contact, it’s better not to bewilder them with such a message: new impressions are enough. But it’s also not good to delay, otherwise he may get the impression that you are keeping a shameful secret.

Precautionary measures

Read the instructions before use. So the risk of all sorts of excesses will be significantly reduced.

Remember the rules of hygiene. Always wash your hands before and after using toys. The toys themselves also need to be washed (preferably with antibacterial soap) and stored in a clean place. Separate devices require special cleaning, so do not forget about the first paragraph.

Dry toys in an open area. If you do not have this opportunity, use a towel. But before you hide the devices, make sure that every detail and every nook is dry.

Sex toys

Try to use condoms. Especially if your toy is porous. Otherwise, you may really reward yourself with some kind of disease.
Do not use the same toy for the anal, and then immediately for vaginal penetration (and vice versa). There is a serious risk of getting an infection. However, condoms can solve this problem.

If you use intimate lubricants, remember: for silicone products, water-based lubricants are suitable. Other lubricants can damage the toy. Lubricant itself, by the way, is better to test first on the skin and make sure that it does not cause you an allergic reaction.