Several sexual experiments that you are required to use in your life!

Several sexual experiments

Sexual monotony in marital relationships is a delayed-action mine, which sooner or later detonates with either adultery or a complete break up of these relationships. It should be clearly seen that without quality sex, the marital union resembles a colossus on earthen legs: it looks like it’s strong, but based on something fragile.

Giving impetus to the intimate side of life, couples can use drugs that increase the potency (CanadianSeveral sexual experiments pharmacy Viagra) and prolong sexual intercourse in different dosages and combinations. However, this is not always enough to ignite the fading “bonfire of love”, but the reader will forgive this discredited expression in thousands of ladies’ novels. We suggest that you just move on to activities in this field, and recommend five ways to revive the interest in each other in your marriage alliance. Take a pen and a notebook.

Invent your own posture

Improvisation in sex is evidence of mutual trust and confidence in each other. The spirit of experimentation – perhaps this is exactly what you lack as a couple. So become the same couple, tearing through the untilled virgin land of lust and pleasure, give vent to your libido, and it will do everything for you.

In this case, do not dive too deep into the sexual jungle of the Kama Sutra: it is enough to make an inventory of your most favorite poses and modify them. So, if you both prefer the “doggy style”, then experiment with the location of your bodies in space. If previously you took a position on the bed, you can try to go on the floor.

The ladies here have much more opportunities for creativity: you can lie on the bed with your chest, pull up your rear, close or open your legs, lie on your side, get into the frog pose or press your knees to your stomach – in a word, a lot of different options. Take also a note, that there is female Viagra to make free in bed a little bit. And here you should not worry about side effects of Viagra.

If you are a conservative by nature and honor the traditions of your ancestors, preferring a missionary position, then there is enough room for maneuvering. For example, your lady may, in defiance of her custom, not lift her feet on your shoulders, but put them on your chest. Or you may try to bring a zest in this age-old pose, kneeling and continuing to work between your partner’s legs from a vertical position. The main thing is to find something that will please both of you: the only way to know the direction is to take the road.

As the results of interviews show, the most favored position for sex in women is the “doggy style” pose, in the second place – the position of the rider, on the third – it is the same but with the back to a man. At the stronger sex, the preferences were distributed as follows (in decreasing order): the position of the rider, the mission posture and the “dog-style”.

Assign the day of unrestrained sex

Contrary to the generally accepted opinion about the harmfulness for sex relations according to the schedule, sometimes this method gives a completely opposite effect. Determine for a couple of days that you fully devote to each other (it’s more convenient if it’s a day off) and do not get distracted by anything else:

  • take a bath together,
  • do a mutual massage,
  • play strip poker, and then …

Organize spontaneous sex

Try to “steal” your lady from the party to have sex in some secluded place, for example, in the back seat of your car. We guarantee that you will have enough memories of this unplanned explosion of passion for another year.

Take a sex break

Sex can turn into routine, when you act like a worker at the conveyor line: “put her hand here, then pat there”, etc. To restore sexual desire, take a short sex-free pause. After several painful days of abstinence, your libido will become so tangible that you can not just feel it, but also see it.

Fight with stress through sex planning

Sometimes life throws various tests at us that cost us a lot when it comes to our nerves. For example, moving to a new apartment or planning a vacation. On the one hand, these are pleasant experiences, but, nevertheless, they are quite enough to cause full-fledged stress. Try to overcome it with a tempting prospect. Tell your lady what you will do with her when you cross the threshold of a new apartment or settle into a bungalow in the Maldives. From that moment your whole life will turn into a sweet expectation.