Role-playing games that will make sex passionate and strengthen relations!

The night is coming and desire wakes up. This, of course, is an optimistic scenario. Otherwise, you may use Cialis and Viagra. If if that’s not what you want and sex with a partner does not seem exciting to you, try role-playing games.

What are role-playing games?

Sexual role-playing is an activity in which two or more people take on certain roles and act scenarios based on their sexual fantasies.

sex Role-playing gamesHowever, the word “scenarios” should not be taken literally. In some cases, the game can be pre-worked in detail. In others, it’s just improvisation within a given role. The key word here is “fantasy”.

Therefore, in some games there may be special costumes and sexual attributes, but in others they are absent. That is, changing the habitual behavior of partners during sex can already be considered a game. So this includes experiments with more aggressive behavior, and even so-called dirty talk.

Why should you play?

The first and most obvious reason is that the game brings variety to the sex life. Yes, at first the passions are in full swing, and just the presence of a partner awakens burning desire. However, often with time the heat decreases and this favorite, but already familiar, person does not cause a storm of feelings. Or sex becomes too much the same and uninteresting. That’s where the games come in.

In some of them, partners seem to return to the beginning of the relationship. In this case, they usually regain the stage of seduction. In others they are aimed at obtaining new sensations. Here, sex toys or unusual practices can be involved, for example, with a bandage or domination and submission.

Another advantage is rather a psychological property. It’s about the fact that during the game, partners can realize their long-standing sexual fantasies. This is a kind of liberation from obsessions. The result is emancipation, relief and, of course, pleasure.

The last important bonus is the strengthening of relations.

Firstly, because the realization of secret desires, as a rule, becomes the secret of the couple. And secrets give a sense of community.

Secondly, playing with a partner, a person overcomes the temptation to move on and find someone new, or a stranger, or anyone else. Of course, they both have to be ready for the proposed experiments.

Safety precautions

  • Make sure about agreement

Any sex should be based on mutual consent. But it has special significance when it comes to unusual practices.

sex Role-playing gamesNever force your partner to those activities that he does not like. Even if you really want them. Even if you are sure that it will be great in the end.

The same goes for the other side. Do not agree just from solidarity on a proposal that you do not like. It is better to look for other points of intersection or even another passion than to risk mental or physical health.

  • Build the game on trust

Another basic point that concerns sex in general and role-playing games in particular. To minimize the negative consequences, you must be confident in your partner. And the consequences can be very different: beginning with the fact that someone will tell other one about inner desires, and ending with causing mental and physical harm.

  • Discuss the rules

Improvisation is great, but it is better to discuss the conditions in advance, especially in a moment where there don’t need to be any conditions.

When it comes to BDSM practices, you always need to set the scope of what is allowed and choose a stop word and a stop gesture. This is the norm.

  • Make sure of the basic knowledge of anatomy

This is especially important if we are talking about BDSM again: there are separate areas of the body, which better not to use or use with extreme caution. In the article about shibari you will find examples and tips.

Study the operating principles and rules of auxiliary devices

If you use sex toys or other props (for example, real handcuffs) for the game, check in advance how they work. Otherwise, there is a risk to spoil the device, mood or face with problems.

In particular, it should be remembered that not all toys can be taken to a bath, and silicone products are suitable only for water-based lubricants.

In the rest, just trust your imagination. And do not be afraid of your desires, whatever the well-known wisdom says. And buy Canadian pharmacy Viagra or other Viagra alternatives, if you experience fear and anxiety about everything planned for a night.