Effective ways to magnify orgasm applying usual and simple techniques.

Men may use Viagra and Cialis to enhance male power, but what about reaching vivid, powerful and long orgasm. These tips will help you easily achieve it. So even without real Viagra online men can get unusual feelings from sex.

Watch your breathing

Usually, before the onset of orgasm, people begin to breathe frequently or to hold their breath altogether. Go from the opposite: try to breathe slowly and deeply. This will allow you to be in a more conscious state at the moment of climax (and therefore, it is better to feel it) and, possibly, to reach the orgasm of the whole body.

Most likely it will not work immediately and you need practice. If you slow down your breathing, but at the same time the desire will begin to subside, resume the usual breathing rhythm.

Move on and use fantasy

magnify orgasm applyingFor a bright orgasm, freedom is necessary. But often at this moment of closeness people are most tense and immobile. One possible reason may be ordinary embarrassment. What to do?

To begin with, analyze which parts of the body are inactive during orgasm. And it is not just about the pelvic area, but also, for example, about your hands and feet.

Experiment and bring the body into motion. If you hesitate to move in sudden convulsions with your partner, do it for the first time during masturbation.

Fantasy can both improve sex and lead to a powerful orgasm, and nip everything in the bud.

In the first case we are talking about erotic thoughts and dreams, which the couple realizes in sex. They help to liberate yourself, get excited and feel a new experience.

The second kind of fantasy is the way one of the partners distracts from what is happening. The reason can be in anxiety, difficulty with concentration of attention. Then one should train awareness and focus on bodily sensations. If the matter is that a person does not like something in sex, it’s an occasion to talk to a partner or a doctor (a sexologist, a psychotherapist) about his experiences.

Delay the orgasm

Deferred orgasm is usually longer and stronger. And this rule works for both women and men. But in order to learn how to delay the finish, again, training is required.

magnify orgasm applying

To begin with, you will need to find your point of no return, that is, the moment after which an orgasm is already imminent. Then, several times bring yourself to this pre-orgasmic state and temporarily stop stimulation. Try to stop orgasms three or four times this way, and then finish it. Sensations for sure will be much more intense than usual.

Stimulate the clitoris and prostate

Here everything is pretty obvious. Many women in general can not achieve a vaginal orgasm, so the use of a clitoris is simply necessary. Men seem to be more fortunate: stimulation of the penis almost always leads to the desired result. But if you stimulate the prostate, the orgasm will be much stronger.

For this purpose, use sex toys. On the one hand, sex toys can speed up orgasm: here it is rather a question of vibrators and masturbators. But other toys can make an orgasm brighter. For example, if you use them for additional stimulation: here it is appropriate to recall the device for the clitoris and prostate. In general, toys simply can do something that the human body is not always capable for.

So you have at least three reasons to visit the sex shop or use sex toy guide.

Pay attention to the whole body

To get newmagnify orgasm applying sensations from orgasm, digress from the genitals and expand the sexual anatomy. Study other parts of the body (your partner and your own), try to stimulate them in different ways and with varying intensity.

Concentrate on the sensations and, most importantly, do not take action as a prelude. Let your whole body become a full participant in the sexual process – then the process itself and its outcome will be more interesting.

In some cases, it is no longer about improving orgasm, but about just getting it. So cheap generic Viagra is not the way out, but just the helper to get power. If you encounter such a problem or if the orgasms become less bright and strong than before, it is worthwhile to seek professional help from a sexologist, gynecologist or simply a therapist.