All myths and facts about masturbation from professional sexologists!

Can self-satisfaction be a real symptom of a bad relationship in a couple? This and other exciting questions are answered by professional sexologists, who give us all myths and facts about masturbation.

In relationships, people do not need masturbation – myth

Most people masturbate throughout theirAll myths and facts about masturbation lives. This is done even by fetuses in the mother’s wombs, and by people of old age. Of course, after puberty, we realize the beauty of being close to others. But this is far from the final point in the history of self-gratification.

There are many reasons why people can masturbate, even being in a relationship. Perhaps this is necessary for them to relieve stress. Perhaps in order to resolve sexual differences with a partner. Or maybe just because it’s nice.

Self-satisfaction does not necessarily indicate cooling towards a partner. It may well be an act separate from loving relationship. We must say that sometimes masturbation is still a sign of problems in a couple. This case will be discussed below.

Masturbation helps to examine the body – fact

All myths and facts about masturbationFirst, most teenagers discover orgasm through masturbation. Secondly, experts advise adult women experiencing problems with achieving orgasm during sex, to resort to this simple technique. For them, this can be a way to learn how to have fun without concentrating on the needs of the partner.

Masturbation is the fastest way to orgasm – fact

Women often admit that they get an orgasm for themselves in a couple of minutes, and with a partner – it takes about 45.

The fact is that masturbation, as a rule, is caused by a strong sexual desire. Sex is often initiated by one of the partners. And although the second one can also be excited, she does not necessarily want a sexual release.

There is another obvious nuance. We ourselves know much better what rhythm and touch are necessary for us to achieve orgasm.

People prefer masturbation to sex – fact and myth

Many say that masturbation gives physical satisfaction, but not a deep sense of completeness and a sense of close connection that sex brings.

However, sometimes because of difficulties in an intimate life with a partner, a person begins to prefer self-gratification to sexual contact. This is an alarm signal. Therefore, if sexual differences in a couple cause distress or weakening of communication between partners, it is worthwhile to go together for sex therapy.


All myths and facts about masturbationSummarizing all that has been said, one can conclude: most often masturbation is normal. Most people begin to engage in it in childhood and continue throughout their lives.

Perhaps we are sometimes ashamed to admit it, but the fact remains that everyone either masturbated or continues to masturbate. So keep your hands not under the blanket, but on the pulse of your desires. If you are having male power complications, stock up with herbal Viagra. There are just minimum herb Viagra side effects, so it is safe for your health. You may still decide between Cialis vs Viagra.