Alcohol and sex together: enemies or allies in your intimate life!

The huge influence of alcohol on our intimate life and directly on the act of intercourse is covered with a mass of myths. So if you are often using alcohol and having some ED problems, don’t just buy Viagra online, but try to find out if alcohol may really help you in bed and what problems it may be causing.

When it comes to the connection of alcoholAlcohol and sex together with sex, the opinions of scientists and doctors invariably diverge. Mostly this is due to the problem that alcohol’s influence on sexual act is immediately mixed with complications of alcoholism, damage to the reproductive function, addiction, and many other complications that only indirectly concern the main issue.

How will alcohol use directly affect sex?

This question really interests everyone and its answers often remain in the background. Some whiskey just for confidence? Wine for a romantic date that slowly turns into sex? Some drunken mess in bed after a long night at the bar? How many drinks before an intimate act will affect what is happening in a bed (in a toilet of the club/in the kitchen)?

Alcohol beverages deprive you of any protection. The study, conducted in 2007 by the University of Washington, could prove that under alcohol influence, partners more often accept the proposal for unprotected sex. And still the more alcohol is in their blood, the faster this proposal will come to drunken minds and the easier it will be supported by these partners.

In the alcoholic intoxication state, we really do not prefer to think about possible consequences. And no matter how you disagree, it really is. It is clear that everything depends on the dosage. But alcohol may affect sexual desire even without Viagra in Canada, so in fact you just do not remember about safe measures due to your own desire to satisfy this instinct more quickly.

You may live to regret it. A poll conducted in 2014 at the request of the Family Planning Association showed that 70% of those who regretted their sexual experiences consider alcohol intoxication as one of the main reasons.

Alcohol and sex together

You might forget things. As to the conclusions of this survey, on average, one out of ten respondents noted that sometimes the next morning he did not remember if there was any intercourse, and alcohol was responsible for this. 28% of the respondents admit that sometimes after the “drunken” sex they could not even remember the faces of own partner, and also blame for this excessive alcohol consumption.

In addition to the usual effect of alcohol on sex, there are several effects that are different for ladies and men.

Long-term perspective

Everything following a single consumption of alcohol before the intimate act will inevitably make itself felt, if it is repeated again and again.

Men get used to the idea that alcohol solves their problems in bed, not turning to Sildenafil citrate, and no longer try to do something without it, so as not to “screw up”.

Women get used to the feeling of ease and imaginary sexuality, which they so lack in ordinary life and which they see accessible only thanks to the dose of alcohol.

General influence

Gradually alcohol can result in:

  • negative impact on reproductive function (in men and women);
  • give a negative effect on sexual function (especially in men);
  • increase risk of alcoholism (especially in women);
  • increase the probability of conception of a child with congenital malformations.

Alcohol is not the perfect helper in sex. This is like being among those “friends” who may easily help you just once or twice, but after that just as easily stab you in your back. Alcohol beverages give a devastating effect on your life. Be careful.