5 ways to develop your sexuality and overcome the intimate problem.

The mismatch of sexual desires for sexual behavior or the condemnation of oneself for both may indicate sexual disharmony. There are several tips on how to overcome this problem and create a more balanced and comfortable intimate life even without Sildenafil and finding Viagra cost.

Despite the fact that we live5 ways to develop your sexuality during a time of sexual revolution, a considerable number of people feel shame and discomfort in trying to reveal their sexuality, and even completely suppress their nature.

According to one study, many people who think themselves porn addicts, in fact, watch no more porn than others, and those who consider themselves sex-addicted do not have sex more often than others.

The reason lies in the values and beliefs that we have absorbed in childhood. The rigid norms of morality, assimilated in the family, school or through religion, prevent adequately perceiving our sexuality.


This problem can be considered on the example of random connections. Those who perceive sex with a stranger in a positive way, feel after it much better than those who condemn such ties, but subconsciously strive for them. Such people, as a rule, need to refuel with a large amount of alcohol in order to overcome the internal barrier or buy Viagra online Canada with some problems. The result is sad: next morning, along with a terrible hangover, they also receive a joy-eroding sense of guilt.

We suggest you several ways to stop torturing yourself in this way and come to terms with your own sexuality.

Change behavior

5 ways to develop your sexualityIn some cases, it is better to strengthen self-control. If the spontaneous realization of hidden desires brings disappointment and pain to a person, then it is necessary for him to begin to understand himself and prioritize.

So, instead of getting drunk in a bar, next morning waking up with a stranger and reproaching yourself for it, it’s better to think about what is behind such behavior: what a person wants and why he is ashamed.

Taking responsibility for your own behavior is the first step towards sexual harmony.

Test your values

All the attitudes received in childhood require a balanced approach as an adult. This also applies to the intimate sphere.

Begin with exploring your own ideas about casual sex and masturbation, anal and oral sex, the use of sex toys, pornography, infidelity and many other aspects of sexual life. As an option, you can pass a thematic test.

In addition, a psychologist advises thinking about the problem in the light of modern possibilities. Is virtual sex cheating? What if your partner is artificial intelligence? Is it possible to have a relationship with the program or the operating system at all? There is no one true answer to all these questions. Everyone decides for himself.

Watch more porn

This advice is unlikely to be approved by your grandmother. But still, porn is a good helper in extending your view of sexuality, stopping tabooing certain types of sex, and perhaps diversifying your intimate life.

5 ways to develop your sexuality

Learn from desires and fantasies

Some people are so ashamed of their own desires that they begin to lead a double life. During the day, these conditional Batmen propagandize ultra-conservative values, and at night they dream and secretly surf the Internet. This is a rather exhausting and destructive strategy. It is better to use imagination to honestly, sensibly, in an adult way to understand your preferences and find a partner who will share them.

Learn to talk about desires

Often you should not just look for someone new: it is enough to share your fantasies with an existing partner. Many do not do this simply out of fear of being rejected. But the truth is that you can not be sure of anything in advance. You don’t know, maybe your partner has the same hidden desires or is ready for experiments.

To clarify: it is not necessarily about some sophisticated deviation. Often the desires experienced by a huge number of people may be seen as forbidden.

In addition, even the statistical rarity of sexual fantasy does not indicate its “wrongness”. Human sexuality is a part of human individuality, and its development is one of the directions of personal growth. The main thing is that this development is not violent towards a partner.